Success Story

Natasha Starcheski

Natasha Starcheski had been BURNED by bad business coaches for $18,000 of bad coaching with no return. Now she MAKES $25,000 per month.

Natasha had LITERALLY invested over $18,000 in business coaches before she met me and MAYBE made back $2,000.


My name’s and Tasha. I want to hop on quick and I want to talk to you guys about joining Brian’s PT dom.


Before I started working with Brian I was frustrated as fuck.


I had literally put tens of thousands of dollars into my business in business coaches to like maybe make a couple grand back like it was actually fucking ludicrous how much money I’ve spent on business coaching.


I’ve never told anybody this I actually was about to dissolve my business because I was so frustrated and I felt like it wasn’t for me.


I was putting on all this content.


I was reaching out to all these people I had ran a couple of free challenges that I managed to get over like 100 150 plus women in my free challenges and I converted maybe one or two of them at a low point fucking offer.


It was insane.


I was feeling super frustrated and really overwhelmed.


I got on my call with Brian I was super skeptical.


I just put so much money into myself and never got any of it back.


In that moment it was super hard for me to buy into “You’re gonna help me get a return on my investment and you’re gonna help me change my processes and all this stuff” but I took the leap of faith anyway.


Something in my gut told me to do it and I was like “This is my last shot.”


I mean like I got nothing else to lose I’m basically fucking broke and I’m about to close my business.


I jumped on and literally within the first couple weeks within the first week and a half I made back my entire investment within three weeks.


I managed to sign twenty two clients and I made ninety three hundred dollars which is more than I had made the entire fucking year.


I went from “I’m going to close my business fuck my personal brand, this isn’t the life for me”… to joining his program.


I took a leap of faith when all of my past track records with business coaches was screaming at me not to making my investment back and more money in three weeks and I’d made all year with other coaches.


I’m sitting on the other end of it now.


I’ve completed the level 2 program with him and I have twenty two clients that are all fucking winning.


I am more in alignment now with my business than I ever have been in my life.


I am so excited.


I literally jump out of bed and all I want to do is work on my business and pour into my movement bad ass lovelies and I am so grateful for him and everything that he’s taught me and just the ability to go through my processes and man.


I’ll never forget this.


Like on our sales call together when I was going to sign up for his program he was like “you can have the batteries but if you don’t have the strategy that’s not going to get you anywhere” and I think the only thing that kept me in the game this long honestly was that I’m just like hungry as fuck.


I had the energy and I had the drive and I had the willpower and the hunger but I didn’t have the right strategy so I was feeling super overwhelmed but I kept showing up anyways because I live by this belief that everything I do is my fault and everything is on me.


That’s the only thing that kept my ass in the arena long enough to cross paths with him and I’m super glad I did and he has seriously changed my fucking life.


He’s changed my business.


He’s given me the power within myself and the ability to reach out to people that I wouldn’t have before with the confidence and as a result I am actually changing people’s fucking lives on a scale that I didn’t even know was possible and I am so happy that I went through his program.


If you are thinking of investing in IT HOLY FUCK hands down don’t even question it just LEAP.


If you’re scared that you don’t have the money you’ll fucking make it back within the first couple weeks so if you’ve got to go out on a limb and put that shit on a credit card to do it then fucking jump man.


But that’s anyway that’s it for me. And good luck on your business and I hope you sign up because he’s going to blow up your f**king business ???? #DOMINATE

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