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PT Domination is the #1 business coaching program on the market for online fitness coaches who are looking to quit their 9-5 job, start and scale a business to $10,000 a month, without spending thousands of dollars on Facebook ads or even a website. Our coaches have 100% integrity to leading by example and showing up for every single student in our program within 24 hours of any question asked. We host 5 coaching calls and live-streams a week and all of the coaches on staff are highly knowledgeable and willing and ready to lend a helping hand. Our mission is to work with 5,000 online coaches in the next 3 years and help 500 of those coaches break the $10,000 a month barrier. Are you next?

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We’ve helped 82 students break $10,000 per month. Learn more about the mentors behind the PT Domination Movement.


We’ve mapped out the path to $10,000 per month, beginner or advanced. Learn the step by step blueprint to get you to 10k.


We host the #1 Podcast for Online Fitness Coaches the Change Lives Make Money Online Trainer Podcast. Learn more.

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