Get to 10k / Month

The Online Trainer Escape Plan

Unchain yourself from the shackles of the 9-5 life; trading your time for money, making just enough to pay the bills. Get paid what you’re worth, keep all the money you earn, and make $10,000 a month by helping people completely transform their lives through health and fitness.

Change Lives


If you’re tired of working 8-12 hour days making just enough to get by and burning out all of the time, you came to the right place.

In the Change Lives Academy our goal is to help you break free from the system and help you make $10,000 a month as an online fitness coach.

Million Dollar


Once you’re over $10,000 per month the NEXT LEVEL is called LEGACY.

In the Million Dollar Mastermind our goal is to help you hire team members to help you build your movement and get you to $20,000 – $50,000 a month as an online fitness coach.

What we teach

our method


One hour a day and 1 cell phone can make you $10,000 a month. We’re going to teach you how to be a devil in the DM’s - all without spending money on paid ads, funnels, or sending cold messages to complete strangers.


Sales is a game of certainty vs. uncertainty - and we’re going to help you embrace the Wolf Mentality when it comes to sales. We’ll have you doubling your sales calls and converting $1,000 fitness packages and people will say THANK YOU for changing your life.


Deliver goes so much deeper than just credentials and certifications. We’re going to show you how to be an excellent leader, an incredible coach, and create a community of raving fans that talk about your service to everyone they know.

What we teach

From OUr Members

Ainsley Alyssa Roy

Ainsley made $20K as an Online Trainer!

Micah Smith

Micah hit $10,000 a month as an Online Fitness Coach

Patrick Hong

Patrick went from $50,000 in debt to $14K/Month

Clayton Snyder

Clayton hit $10K with only 500 IG followers

Daniel De Zen

Daniel did another coaching program, to little result. Now he makes $10K/Month with PT Dom

Eric A Chang

Eric lost his in-person PT business when Covid hit. Now he’s making $10K/Month consistently online