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Ainsley Alyssa Roy

Ainsley made $20K as an Online Trainer!

Micah Smith

Micah hit $10,000 a month as an Online Fitness Coach

Patrick Hong

Patrick went from $50,000 in debt to $14K/Month

Clayton Snyder

Clayton hit $10K with only 500 IG followers

Daniel De Zen

Daniel did another coaching program, to little result. Now he makes $10K/Month with PT Dom

Eric A Chang

Eric lost his in-person PT business when Covid hit. Now he’s making $10K/Month consistently online

Antonio Ingram

Antonio thought making $10K/Month was far-fetched. Then he made $11K in his online business

Mackenzie Lee

Mackenzie hit $10K/Month as an Online Fitness Coach

Chester Carupo

Chester hit $10K in his first two months in the academy

Lindsay Catherine

Lindsay Catherine hit $10k in her first month

Mike Macdonald

Mike was averaging $2k/month and now makes $12k/month

Tui Van Renterghem

Tui made $10k in the academy while working from Bali

Angel Serrata

Angel hit $10k in his first 2 months

Stefanie Lesperance

Stefanie hit $10k during her pregnancy

Martina Raskova

Martina was skeptical to join but took the leap and now has consistent $10k months ????????

Donald Paraiso

Donald was a gym trainer making $5k/month, working long hours and now he makes $10k/month working online ????????

Dominik Monson

Dominik has consistent $20k/months in his business ????????

Benjamin Pruitt

Ben had 0 clients and now has 30 while hitting his first $10k month ????????

Barbi Kvisz

Barbi was making $1k as an in person PT, and is now at $12k/month working online ????????

Alex Sundar

Alex has learned how to build a sustainble business that brings $10k/month????????

Samantha Mills

Samantha made $10k in the fist 6 weeks in the academy ????????

Isara Ketmanee

Isara hit $10k/ month ????????

Kevin Chang

Kevin made his investment back in his first month! Now he generates 11k per month ????????

Yaz Sayhi

Yaz took a leap of faith even though he was skeptical and he scaled his business to $10K/month????????

Tyler Yorko

As a trainer, Tyler was spending long days at the gym. Now, he is able to work less hours in person and help more people online ????????

Courtney Clark

Courtney went from unemployment and zero clients to $10K/month ????????

Anthony Mounzer

Hesitant to start, Anthony hit 10K/month after only 3 months in the academy! ????????

Daniel Jeffrey

Working as a fitness gym manager before the 10K academy, Daniel is now making $11K/month with his online business ????????

Sean Hogan

Sean was referred to the 10K academy several times and when he finally joined he hit $10K in his first month! ????????

Vinny Tran

Before joining, Vinny thought this was a scam. Now he is making $20K/month with his online business ????????

Steven Hightower

Steven was an in person PT for 10 years. Now he is making $20K/month online ????????

Suzelle Reyes

Suzelle struggled to build her book of clients. She is now happily impacting tons of lives as an online PT ????????

Jonathan Massi

Jonathan struggled to build a successful business and he is now making $10k/month ????????

Gabriel Rocha

Previously a landscaper, Gabe grew his online coaching business to $20k/month ????????

Kevin Wu

As a in person PT, Kevin was making $3200/month. He now makes $10k/month working online ????????

Max Larocque

Max saw his clients in person as a PT for over a decade. He is now able to continue helping others online while being home with his dog ????????

Chloe Logan

Chloe struggled with knowing how to run her business and went from $3400/month to $10k/month ????????

Mariah Fontana

Mariah was hesitant at first and just after 4 months in the academy she hit $10k ????????

Chester Balba

Chester went from 5 to 55 clients and hit $10k/month ????????

Jason Ste Marie

Jason started from scratch and he is now on track to hit $20k/month with his online coaching business ????????

Alejandro Reyes

Alejandro was a broke college student and he has now hit $10k/month with online coaching ????????

Chelsea Glubish

Chelsea went from $0 to $10k in her online coaching business ????????

Natasha Starcheski

Natasha Starcheski had been BURNED by bad business coaches for $18,000 of bad coaching with no return. Now she MAKES $25,000 per month.

Chad Morgan

Chad was hesitant… until he made $13,500 in his first month.

Maverick Willet

Mav went from $2,500 per month selling cars to $25,000 / month with online coaching.

Diana Benitez

Diana went from making $1k a month trying it on her own, to 11k / month in the 10k Academy.

Christine Cardenas

Christine went from 2k / month in person training to over 10k / month online training.

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