Turning a Cold Lead into a Hot Prospect

If you’ve followed my Podcast, you might have already heard about the 5 Levels of Leads. The second Level of Leads is the “Cold Lead.” This is someone who you’ve recently friended or connected with on social media. They aren’t exactly a complete stranger, but you probably won’t be exchanging Christmas cards either. 


The question is how do you convert this passing acquaintance into a satisfied client? 


Well, think about your best friend. He or she wasn’t always your friend. At one point they were simply someone you met. And it took time to build that relationship. You had to get to know that person, get to like that person, and get to trust that person before they became your BFF.


The same principle applies to your business. Before you can convert that cold lead into a money-paying client, you need to build the same kind of relationship. They need to get to know you, like you, and trust you.


So, how do you get to that point? It takes time. You need to prove yourself, slowly but surely. The first way to do this is to do your research.

Get to Know Them!


Once you’ve connected with your leads, check out their posts. What interests do they have? Have they been actively asking for advice or suggestions? What goals do they have? Once you know a bit more about them, you can start the next step in building your relationship.

Happy Birthday!


It’s time to offer them a free gift. If you have a podcast, blog, or Youtube account, these are perfect tools for offering your cold leads something of value. Before sliding into their DMs I’d post a link to your gift publicly on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 


“Hey! I’ve noticed some of you have been talking about wanting to get in better shape for the Spring and Summer. My new Podcast covers this topic. Stop over and check it out!”

Congratulations on Your Engagement!


See what kind of response you get. If you get some Likes, Comments, and Shares, take notice of who’s reacting. These are the people who may be open to a follow-up DM.


“Thanks for sharing my post! Did you get a chance to listen to the podcast? I’d love to hear your opinion! Thanks!”


Make your posts and DMs brief and to the point. Don’t waste their time. And if you don’t get a response, don’t make a pest of yourself. Just keep using your social media tools to offer that value-based content. And keep doing your research.

Know. Like. Trust.


If you do get a response, great! Now’s when you start to engage your Cold Lead in a conversation. Ask them as many questions as they ask you. Take a genuine interest in them and their goals. Uncover their needs while building a rapport. This is where you take them from being a Cold Lead to becoming a Warm Lead.


The goal is for you to get to know them, even as they get to know you. That will lead to them liking you, and eventually trusting you.

By the Way…


Once you’ve started that conversation and built a rapport, that’s when you bring up your coaching business. Start out subtly. 


“You know, your situation reminds me of a client I have. He was struggling with losing weight and building muscle mass as well. It’s not easy, but we developed a program together that worked for him.”


If you’re at a point of trust in your relationship, this should pique your Warm Lead’s interest. Hopefully, they’ll follow-up by asking more about your coaching program. 

It’s Getting Hot in Here…


Once your Lead knows you, likes you, and trusts you, they’ve become a Hot Prospect, and you can start selling your Fitness Program.


But, as they say in the comic books, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Don’t abuse this new level in your relationship. 


You don’t have to hard-sell them. By this time they should already be on your side. They want to be your client. Prove to them you’re the best choice for them, without pressuring them to sign on the dotted line.


And it’s very important that you keep up on your social media content. Post regularly. Give your current and future clients something of value. This also positions you as an expert, which is part of that vital trust-building that forms lasting relationships with leads and clients.

Let’s Do It!


There you go! These are the steps you need to take to turn those Cold Leads into Hot Prospects. Don’t worry if you stumble a few times along the way. Every lead is unique, and not all of them will respond the same way. Be ready to adjust your approach and customize it for each potential client.


And remember, I’m always here if you need advice. If you’re dealing with a particularly difficult Cold Lead, reach out to me. I may have some tips to help you thaw them out.


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Remember, whatever you’re going through right now, good or bad, I’ve already been through it. So, take advantage of my experience. Listen to my advice. And implement my suggestions. We’ll find success together!


Have the best day of your entire life!


Let’s go!


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