How Badly Do You Want Success?

Do you know the Universe is constantly testing you? 


When you get a negative review from a client, that is the Universe testing you.


When you get some smartass comment from a troll on one of your posts, that is the Universe testing you.


When your TikTok videos don’t get any views or comments, that is the Universe testing you.


The Universe wants to know how badly you want success. And when one of those little bad moments pops up, your reaction lets it know whether or not you’re ready for it.


Most of the people who fail let these little set-backs discourage them. They let a bad moment turn into a bad day… or a bad week, or a bad month, or even a bad year.


This kind of negative mindset builds momentum and starts a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.


Quitting is the Worst Kind of Failure.


These people fail because they get one “No” during a sales call and decide they suck at sales, so they give up.


They fail because they post 14-days straight on their social media and don’t get any leads, so they decide to quit.


They fail because they’d rather drop out than stick with it and deal with the obstacles the Universe is throwing in their path.


But quitting is the worst kind of failure. That’s because once you quit, you’ll never know how successful you might have actually been.


Find Your Invisible Finish Line.


You see, we’re all running a marathon with an invisible finish line. If you quit now, you may be quitting just inches from success.


That bad sales call that has you thinking about quitting is just one obstacle between you and the finish line. Run around it.


That troll making smartass comments on your posts and videos is like a bead of sweat running down your brow. Wipe him off and keep running.


When your social media isn’t getting the results you want, it’s like an untied shoelace. Stop, re-tie it, and get back in the race.


What these racing metaphors really mean is, you can’t let these set-backs define your business, your goals, and your mindset. Focus on what you want. If your approach isn’t working, try different strategies. Do some research. Learn how to do better. But don’t ever give up.


Focus on the right path and keep running. You’ll not only achieve your goals, but you might even exceed them.


If You Plan to Fail, Then You Will.


I’ll never understand people who start the PT Domination program with a negative mindset.


“I’m not sure if this is for me.”


“I don’t think I’m going to make it.”


But they start the program, and then as soon as someone tells them “No” during a sales call, they’ll say, “I knew this wasn’t going to work.”


Well, of course it wasn’t going to work! That’s because they didn’t plan to succeed. They planned to fail.


Something So Important I Had It Tattooed On My Arm.


But when you shift your perspective, adjust your mentality, and embrace a positive mindset, then you set yourself up for success.


I have a tattoo on my arm that says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”


What this means is a positive attitude can help you turn those small defeats into huge victories.


The lead who said “No” on that sales call becomes an opportunity to practice your sales skills. 


Those negative comments become an inspiration to work even harder and succeed.


That bad review turns into a learning moment, where you take that criticism and use it to be a better coach and smarter entrepreneur.


Don’t look at bad moments as set-backs. Look at them as opportunities to improve yourself, increase your knowledge, and rethink your strategies.


You Either Win, Or You Learn.


The only way you can lose in the Online Coaching Business is if you quit. As long as you stay in the game you will either win, or you will learn.


You will stumble. You will make mistakes. You will get rejected.


But as long as you learn from these bad moments, you will ultimately win.


Remember, all successful entrepreneurs have two traits in common:  Persistence and Adaptability. 


When you harness those two amazing traits, the Universe will stop testing you and start rewarding you.


Let’s Do It!


I hope this blog has given you the inspiration to let go of those bad moments. A positive mindset can turn disappointments into possibilities. 


You always have a choice to move forward and better yourself after each set-back. Do this and soon those bad moments will be part of the distant past as you continue building a brighter future.


I go into more detail about this topic in my Podcast. Check out show #428 – Don’t let a BAD MOMENT turn into a BAD DAY. (link)


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Have the best day of your entire life!


Let’s go!



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