Follow The Law of Reciprocity and Watch Your Business Grow

A common question among Online Fitness Coaches is, “Why aren’t people responding to my social media posts?”


You might be posting some really great content. Workouts, recipes, TikTok skits. But no one is hitting up your DMs. No one is sending emails. No one is asking you for more information, or inquiring about your Online Fitness Coaching Program.


No new followers, no new leads, and no new clients.


What’s the deal?


The deal is you aren’t speaking their language.


Forget About Rosetta Stone.


This doesn’t mean you need to learn a different language. Plan old English should suffice.


But what you need to do is learn the terminology, phrases, and words that your ideal client uses regularly.


Start a worksheet titled “Language of my Ideal Client.”


Now, go through some of your old DMs, or look at some other interactions you’ve had with clients in the past. Pay particular attention to the kind of words and terminology they use.


If you’re titling your blog post, “3 Tips for Weight Loss,” but your clients are mentioning words like “tone” in their DMs, you need to rethink your approach.


Using the language your clients use is key to creating relatable and relevant content to them.


Keep this worksheet updated with the common terms and phrases you see your customer base using. Then make sure your content reflects this language.


You’ll earn the trust of your potential clients when you start communicating the same way they communicate.


Learn to Say What They are Thinking.


Often when we create our content, we’re creating it based on our perspective. But if you want to truly be a successful Online Fitness Coach, you need to learn how to join the conversation that’s happening inside people’s heads.


When you start using those key words and phrases they are already using, then you will be able to create content that speaks to the hearts and minds of your customers.


Play Favorites.


Chances are if you’ve been building a client base there are a few clients who stand out as your favorites. You want to attract more of these kinds of clients.


So go back and look through their checking forms. Observe the kind of language they use when they’re talking about their struggles for the week. 


Look through old DM’s or emails from these clients.


Good Talk.


This one is an important strategy that many Fitness Coaches forget; take notes during your sales calls. 


Sales calls are a great way to generate ideas for new content topics as well. Mine these leads for topics. Ask them questions and pay close attention to the answers. You’ll benefit by learning the buzzwords and terms they’re using, as well as find out what subjects your clients are interested in.


Then you can use these notes to write better content that connects with your ideal client base.


What’s the Word on the Street?


The next time you’re in the gym, listen to the words and terms people are using. Different customer-types will be speaking in a different way. 


Women may be talking about getting “slim thick.” They want that classic hourglass shape. If women are your ideal client base, start basing your content around these kinds of fitness goals and use terms like “slim thick” and “hourglass figure” to attract new clients.


Competitive bodybuilders or models may talk about getting “shredded, ripped, or cut.” If that’s your ideal client, then use those kinds of words in your content.


Find Your Niche.


Make sure you are trying to attract the best clients for you. Some Coaches have specialties.


PT Domination’s Head Coach, Cole DaSilva, is really good with the “Tough Love” approach. Consequently, he uses terms like “Tough Love King,” and “Kill Sheep Mentality” in his content. His clients really spark to his aggressive, yet supportive style. 


Jason, one of the coaches in our 10K MasterMind Program, specializes in helping women meet their fitness goals. In his blogs, podcasts, and videos, he uses terms like “weight loss, slim thick, hourglass, and belly fat.” This helps him key in on the conversation going on inside the heads of his clients. It builds trust and develops a connection.


Find your ideal client and learn their language. Your content will get more engagement, you’ll get more hot leads, and you’ll sign more clients.


Let’s Do It!


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