Change Lives Make Money:
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EPISODE 624 - From 9-5 to 7 figure business

What are some of the things that you will struggle with when growing your online business?  👇


  1. Nobody has done it before ❌


Likely, no one in your family or friends has ever started or done their own online business.


  1. Dealing with resistance ❌


Since this is a new concept to many people, breaking out of the previous mindset of a 9-5 is crucial to making your business successful.


  1. The resentment after success… ❌


After you finally start being successful in your business, the people that truly support you will show.


I can’t tell you how many times people have come into my DMS saying I’m a scam artist or I am just a liar.


Everyone wants you to be successful until you are more successful than them. 


You can’t care about what people think about you when building your business.


If you care what they think about you, you will not beagle to level up in your business. 🔥


Understand this, and DOMINATE YOUR GOALS! 🔥

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