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EPISODE 622 - Why You Should Keep Your Goals Quiet if you want to make fucking money

Do you want to grow your business to quit your 9-5? 👇


Do you tell everyone about your goals?


If you do, this is where you are messing up!


I learned this lesson from the previous fitness competitions that I competed in….


In one of my first shows in Australia, I told everyone that would listen that I was going to place #1, and I just spent telling everyone how great I was going to do, but I ended up getting dead last.


I was beyond embarrassed… ❌


Well, I did not want that to happen again, so for my next show, I only told a few people and kept my mouth shut, and just put in the work.


Until then, the last two weeks.


I started rerunning my mouth and got cocky. ❌


I ended up placing third, which is terrible, but in the last couple of weeks, I stopped focussing on doing the things necessary to ensure I win, and I replaced that with trying to get validation from others.


Here is the key lesson: Don’t tell everyone about your goals because what ends up happening is that you start to really on other people’s validation, and you stop doing the work!


It is a lot easier and nieces to get validations about the idea of doing something than actually doing the hard work that will get you to those goals. 💯


I learned this lesson because the next show, I only told my coach and my partner at the time, and I just focused on all doing the work.


And I WON! 🔥


Keep your goals quiet and just DOMINATE!  🔥

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