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EPISODE 620 - More Intention More Sales

Feel like you are just going through the motions with your life and business! 👇


We all go through these times, but there is way 3 step process to get you recalibrated and back on the right path!


  1. Take a Step Back 🔥


Take 24-48 hours off your business and only do stuff for yourself. Put your phone on airplane mode and just disconnect.


  1. Reset Refocus Recommit  🔥


After you reset, you need to refocus and recommit to excellence.


So go all-in on Health, Business, and Family.


When you are at the gym, don’t touch your phone. Just be entirely there for your workout. 


When you are alone and working on your business, only do tasks related to your business.


When you are with your family, make sure you are fully present with them and what you are doing!


  1. Grind Through the Initial Rough Patch 🔥


When you get back after that rest period, you will go through a time where you just really don’t want to do what needs to be done. 


So just push through that and be present with the pain and gain that momentum.


Set the intention when you come back from your break that you will master whatever you have in front of you. 


You will give 110% every day to your goals.


Set the Intention and DOMINATE  🔥🔥🔥

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