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EPISODE 618 - You Won't Make Money If You Don't Have an Audience

Have trouble growing your audience or keeping steady leads flowing? 👇


Well, if you want to grow, you need a big network, aka a big audience.


So here are 3 things you can start implementing a day to grow your business.


  1. Add friends or followers every day! 🔥


Consistently follow or add friends EVERYDAY to grow your audience because once you add them, they will get notified and check out your page. Then, if they like your content, they will add you back!


Doing this every day for 90 days will have a huge long-term echo effect on your business.


  1. Facebook Groups 🔥


Find 3 fb groups every week with those with your ideal client base and introduce yourself, and then post value 3x a week.


People that like your content will add you, and from there, do not immediately try to sell them. That is where a lot of online trainers mess up.


Once they have been added, you keep adding value to help warm them up to you and your business.

  1. Mastering Reels and Tiktoks 🔥


Short form content is dominating Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, and so if you aren’t taking advantage of this, you are leaving money on the table.


You can only have 500 followers, but having a good reel can easily get you infront of 5,000 people for FREE.

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