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EPISODE 615 - How I was Able to Work With 47 Clients Without a VA.

How can you build your online coaching business without a VA?


1️ Master templates.


Building templates for workouts and nutrition is key to managing clients long-term, so when you bring on people who answer your questionnaire, you can adjust the template to them and send it off.


Now, this does take a lot of time upfront, but in the long term, this will serve the life of your business. 


2️ Time Management


Having certain days or times you work on tasks is vital, and if you are not using your timer on your phone, you are messing up big time. Set timers for each of your duties and only do that until the task is done or the timer goes off, then move on to the following tasks.


DO NOT check your DMs or any other distractions while doing your tasks. Turn on do not disturb, and just get to work! 🔥


To really deep dive into this topic check out the full podcast episode 👇

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