Change Lives Make Money:
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EPISODE 612 - Going ALL IN

Have you put everything you had into your online coaching business? 👇👇


You have to be willing to go all in to be successful. 🔥🔥


I was faced with the decision of going all-in from transitioning from online fitness coaching to online business coaching. 


I had money to pay for the mentor or pay my employees, but not both.


What did I do?


I hired my mentor, and my clock had started, and I had 21 days to hire my first business coaching client to pay my employees. If I did not make this deadline, everything would have been over.


So I worked 16 hours a day just learning and implementing what I needed to do for my new business, and I made it happen!!! I got my first client, and if I had not taken the leap of hiring my mentor, I don’t think PT Domination would be where it is today….


It is not a new way of thinking. In the 1700s, a Spanish conquistador had the ambition to conquer whatever land he went to. When they found land and got all the men off the boats, he ordered them to burn the ships, destroying retreat possibilities.


So it was success or death.


Are you willing to burn all your ships to achieve your goals?


I want you to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say you have given all you got, so you don’t have to regret what might have been. 🔥🔥

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