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EPISODE 610 - 20/Month... Martin from Switzerland Launches his own book

I sat down with one of my mastermind clients, Martin, today 🔥🔥


Martin initially just did online training as a side hustle, then he decided to dive into doing it full time, and that is when he joined the Change Lives Academy. 


From there, he went on to get his revenue around 10k a month, but it wasn’t all just a smooth ride.


During this time, he was building his business, he became a father, moved to Brazil, started writing a book, and managed to keep an incredible physique. 


Cut to know where he joined the Million Dollar Master Mind and is making 20k a month, finished his book, and is absolutely dominating his goals.


If you want to check Martin out, go to his Instagram @gymperfomance and you can find his book at 🔥🔥

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