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EPISODE 608 - 3 Secrets to Landing 5-10 Clients in 6 Months

How many of you online coaches have a strong desire to make as much money as you can this month?


That’s good, but I think we forget about how we can increase our income 6 months from now in this effort. ❌


Struggle to get views, have low followers, or struggle to grow your social media following?


If you do, the most significant cause of these issues is network expansion. 💯


Network expansion is doing the daily tasks to actively grow your network for business, whereas lead generation is actively having the conversations to book calls.


When you are doing network expansion, you are playing the long game and turning strangers into followers in front of the internet.


DO NOT try to sell people as soon as they come into your network. You always provide value first, turning the new cold audience members into more warm leads.


Engaging in network-expanding activities every day broadens your network, and since you are just focusing on bringing them the value, they will come to you once they are ready. So over time, you have leads coming to you, and you don’t have to worry about sliding into some new followers’ DMs.


So how do you expand your network?


You find FB groups that contain your ideal client, and you introduce yourself and post value you based content with no call to action because you will get roasted. Another thing you can do is answer people’s questions in these groups as well. The people you interact with within these groups add them as friends, so now they are in your network.


The key is to no-sell themselves as soon as they join your network.

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