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EPISODE 606 - VIP 1-1's The Start of Hiring Coaches for Your Team

Have you scaled your coaching business to the point where you are thinking of hiring coaches to help you grow your business?


That is where my client Thomas is at, and we talked about that very thing.


So how do you start the process of bringing on coaches to your team?


You will often have current clients who will want to get into the fitness industry and ask for your help since you are the one who changed their lives with fitness.🔥


When you find those people, you can make them leaders in your Facebook communities and have them commit 20 minutes a day Monday through Friday just responding to people in your community or just helping start conversations.


Have them jump on lives with you, so they are recognized as leaders when they comment posts from people in your community.👑


Be sure when you are mentoring your future coaches to do one thing at a time, and always make them feel like they are winning!


Then, of course, you will need to mentor them on training, nutrition, sales, and other things because you want to ensure you are setting them up for success! 💯

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