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EPISODE 604 - VIP 1-1's Getting Better at Giving Yourself Credit

Have you been working hard on your business, but you feel guilty for taking a break?


We all find ourselves in that trap when we are crushing our goals professionally, but when it comes time to take a break, we can’t take our minds off our work.❌❌


The fatal flaw of being a high performer is that you are consistently in a battle against yourself. 💯


If this seems like you, you might want to try doing these things for a week.


Do the minimum to keep your business afloat during this week’s timeframe and make time for yourself every day.


Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask for help and what I mean by that is ask your family or significant other to help you go out and just celebrate and have fun.


Then destroy your fear with logic. 🔥🔥🔥


If you lost half of your clients right now, do you have the skills and know-how to earn them back? 


If you said yes to this question, what are you worried about?


Leaving your comfort zone will bring those fears to the surface, and when they come up, reaffirm yourself with the reality that got you to the point of pushing those boundaries in the first place!


Don’t be afraid of taking a break, keep moving forward, and don’t stop crushing your goals. 💯

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