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EPISODE 603 - VIP 1-1's Ninja Tricks for TikTok w/ Shal Friesen

Hey, what’s up, online fitness coaches! 🔥🔥🔥


Are you having trouble getting your TikTok to grow? 


Well, so is my friend Shal Friesen. When I sat down and checked out her reel, I saw a few minor things that could emotionally improve her chances with the algorithm.


Firstly, while all of her content was educational and consistent, it wasn’t attracting views. So the first thing is seeking inspiration from the content that is already viral.


The second piece of advice is closely related to the first. It is to be sure you are creating content that is catching attention within the first three seconds because if people just keep scrolling past your content, that affects you very negatively in the algorithm.


Lastly, good lighting is a must-have because you want as high-quality produced content as possible. So buying a ring light with a tripod is an excellent solution to always having good lighting wherever you go!


When you practice these three things and are consistent, you won’t have any problem growing your TikTok.💯

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