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EPISODE 601 - The 60 day echo effect of consistency with Cole Desilva

Are you having trouble converting cold leads to warm leads on your social media?


If you are having trouble doing this, it is probably these two major mistakes:

  1. Not posting content consistently enough❌
  2. Not being on video enough❌


Making sure you are doing a lot of video content and lives is crucial to warm up your audience. It has been proven that when someone is watching a video or a live, it has the same effect on the brain as having a normal conversation in person.


Mastering consistency is essential to warming up your audience because if you aren’t consistent with your posts, why would they trust you enough to buy from you?


Like would you buy a product off of Ronald Bigum?🤷🤷


Of course not! Because you don’t know who he is and vice versa. You need to have the mindset of being a nobody because we are practically specs of dust in this online space.


If you want to grow your online coaching business, we challenge you to go all-in for 60 days of consistent content posting five times a week and going live at least twice a week.

Remember, not everything has to be perfect, but it does have to be done. Messy action is better than action at all.🔥🔥🔥

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