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EPISODE 599 - You have to decide what to do with your pain…

In today’s episode, we will talk about how you decide what to do with your pain.🔥🔥


Yeah, this is going to be deep.


Why is self-improvement so vital to your online training business? Don’t you want to make 10k a month?💵💵💵


When you are building your business, you can only bring it to your current level. What that means is if you are not improving yourself by facing what is holding you back head-on, you will eventually become the bottleneck for your own business.


As some of you know, I struggled with drug addiction eight years ago.❌❌❌


Often, I don’t even think about my addiction because it seems so far removed from my reality now, but something recently happened that was a huge red flag.


We were having a party for my sister-in-law at my house, and I ended up drinking more than I usually do. You know how it is when a lot is going on, and you just need to cut loose a bit?


Well, that’s how I was feeling, but I knew it went too far when I asked someone at my house for drugs. My wife pulled me aside into the bedroom immediately, knowing what had happened. 


I knew I messed up, so I went to bed, and Kerston sent everyone home because of the very apparent seriousness of the situation.


When I woke up, I didn’t remember what I had done, and when Kerston told me what had happened, I almost got angry with her. Only because that is what I used to do to people when they called me out on stuff that I need to own up to.


I sat down, and I just felt full of shame. I imagined everything I could lose if I had given in to my addiction, like my family, house, and business. I sat with this feeling for the next few hours just so I could let the surface play out, and when I was ready, I apologized to my wife and went for a drive. 😞😞


I just drove and drove and drove. On my drive, I realized me asking for drugs after such a long time, not even thinking about not touching the stuff, was a symptom of something more. It was stress and a lot of it.


It was all too much between running my businesses, trying to be a good husband, and dealing with going to court. I wasn’t getting any good workouts in, not being a good enough husband. I knew something had to change.


I decided to take a step back, focus on myself, not compete for my IFBB pro card, and give myself time to work on myself and my personal goals. I learned that the most vital thing was you could not run from your pain! Part of me trying to make myself better is opening up to my demons and showing you all so I can be accountable. 


I used not to act this way when I was younger. Whenever people would call me out on something, I would manipulate them and get defensive to make them feel guilty. I did this because I was worried if the people in my life knew my inner demons, they wouldn’t love me the same. ❌❌❌


I could have sat in self-pity and lied to myself and others, but I decided to own up to what I did and have that uncomfortable sweaty palm conversation with my family and you all. When you can push past that awkward feeling and have those conversations, you just feel so much lighter.


If you can’t be honest with yourself, you won’t be your best self. To grow, you have to face your pain, hold on, sit with the feeling, and decide what you will do about it. Have those sweaty palm conversations because they are always worth it.


Identifying that pain is critical; it’s like getting a prospect on the phone for the first time and trying to determine what their pain is so you can help solve it!

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