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EPISODE 540 - Get F*cking Obsessed w/ Cole Dasilva

Today I am joined once again by my business partner, best friend, and homie, Cole DaSilva.


We are going to be continuing our weekly Q&A Podcast today.


So without further ado here is Mike McDonald, who is one of our 10K Mastermind students. He recently broke his 30 day record of $16,000 a month.


Mike asks us:  “I feel like I had really great workflow from when I joined because I was taught a lot in the Academy. And I think with just the chaos of the Mastermind from July till now, long story short I don’t have a workflow at the moment because just chaotic, chaotic, chaotic. So I feel like I’m back to start with my workflow. And I’m curious to know how would you go about redefining your workflow.”


That’s a really good question to start out our Q&A.


Cole thinks that the solution is a bit subjective, because everyone has to do what works for them. For Cole, he sat down and figured out a routine, and then he figured out the things he needed to get out of the way instantly, right away.


Cole came to the conclusion that he needed to start training in the morning because of how f*cking busy he was. For example, Cole is going to be sitting in his chair for four hours straight today with back-to-back-to-back calls. It was getting to the point where he was getting overwhelmed and exhausted when he started training at night. So he made an adjustment.


He wakes up at 4:30 every morning and hits the gym. Then he goes home and starts his workflow.

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