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EPISODE 499 - What's the Point of Implementing? Not Gonna Work Anyway

When I think about some of my clients who are doing absolutely incredible in my Online Coaching Program and compare them to someone who is struggling when they come into the program, I ask myself what are some of the fundamental differences between those who are crushing it and those who aren’t?


For example, I have a client named Janelle Wheel who has over 700 active paying clients. I have 1,000. So Jenell is getting really close to catching up to me!


What makes those clients who are struggling so different from Janelle? 


Is it self doubt? Is it fear of failure? What is it?


The base premise of their struggle is “Tactics without the Mindset is completely useless.”


That’s why you can be in the 10K Coaching Academy and have access to the Number One Blueprint for Success on the internet, and still fail.


Because if you aren’t also committed to your mindset, and you aren’t also committed to working on yourself, then you’re going to struggle. 


It’s the same thing with your weight loss clients. You can give them the perfect nutrition protocol, the perfect work-out protocol, and check in with them on a regular basis. But if they view themselves as a failure, it’s going to be hard for them to stick with the program, because they don’t identify as somebody who’s successful.

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I know all the ins and outs of online fitness coaching. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve had successes. But I’ve never given up. That’s how I was able to open my own gym and start an online coaching business that has not only brought me success, but also benefited over 600 other online fitness coaches.


I love to share my knowledge. So, when you work with me, you learn with me.


I’m ready to help you shed those 9-5 shackles and enjoy the freedom, satisfaction, and yes, money, you’ll get from being an online fitness coach.


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