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EPISODE 468 - Why Giving You the Answer Won't Help You

Today Caleb Zysk and Jeffrey Eadon talk about how answers don’t always help you.


Giving you the answers is a sure way to set you up for failure. That’s because no two people are dealing with the exact same problems or struggles.


An answer that’s good for Caleb’s situation isn’t necessarily going to work for your situation.


The best anyone can do for you is to give you a blueprint. Then you make the adjustments to the blueprint to fit your particular needs.


Let’s say a fitness client comes to you and says, “Hey man, can you write me a fitness program so I can get super jacked?”


And you say, “What have you tried?”


They reply, “Oh, I haven’t tried anything. I just want your perspective because you’re jacked.”


This kind of approach will never work. There’s no way of knowing how this person’s body would respond to the same fitness program you used. You need more information so you can customize a fitness program for this individual.


This same principle needs to be applied to your Online Fitness Training Business. 

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