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EPISODE 447 - Feel It, Drop It, Then Move The F k On

Today I’m joined once again by PT-Domination Head Coach, Cole DaSilva. 


We’re going to talk about going through sh*t. We all have tragedies and setbacks in life. And we all have ways of dealing with it.


The important thing is, you don’t let these kinds of tragedies hold you back.


What you want to do is feel it and process it, not feel it and sit in it.


The number one reason people get stuck or fail in building their Online Fitness Programs is they don’t know how to process negative emotions. 


We’re not necessarily talking about personal tragedies either. We’re talking about simple setbacks that people allow to impact the rest of their day, week, or even month.


Let’s say you’re on a 20-minute sales call. You’re using every sales skill you’ve learned in the 10K Academy. Things seem to be going well. Then all of the sudden, just as you think you’re about to close, your prospect turns you down and hangs up.


How you process moments like that will determine how successful you will become.


If you allow anger, frustration, and doubts to hijack your day, you won’t get anything done. You won’t make any more sales calls that day. You won’t produce any more content. You won’t cultivate your leads on social media.


Instead, you’ll let one bad moment take over your life. That’s a recipe for failure.


You need to process your emotions and move on.

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