Cut Through the Bullsh*t and Transform Lives

I’ve talked to you before about how important Lead Generation is in building your Online Coaching Business. And while it is an important part of your success, it’s not the most important part.


Serving your existing clients should be your number one priority. This is important not only for maintaining a sustainable income with repeat customers, but also for maintaining your own peace of mind.


Knowing you are transforming lives by helping people achieve their fitness goals really gives you a “F*ck Yeah!” feeling. It makes you feel proud of the service you’re providing, and worthy of the money you’re earning.


So, if you’re concentrating too much on Lead Generation, you might be failing yourself and your clients.


Sure, we all want those big numbers. But signing more clients without offering them the 10-out-of-10 service you promised them is a certain path to failure.


Remember, you’re not in the Marketing Business. You’re in the Online Coaching Business.

Care about your clients.  


Clients know when you want them to succeed, and it makes all the difference in the world. They’ll work harder and get better results. And when they get better results, you’ll get a better reputation that attracts more clients.


When you’re chasing after new Leads and ignoring your existing clients, this creates a lack of trust between you and your clients. That leads to bad reviews, a bad reputation, and a dwindling client base.


Take care of your clients. Show them that they matter.


This will keep you and your clients energized. 

Social Proof.


When your clients are happy they’ll share their success with others. They’ll tell their followers on Twitter and Instagram, or their friends on Facebook. 


They’ll give you great reviews, and like and share your Social Media posts.


This builds your Social Proof and establishes you as a trustworthy expert. 


I’ve mentioned in a previous blog how “Trust” is an important part of Lead Generation. When your existing clients start sending referrals your way, that trust is already established, giving you a built-in advantage when it comes to converting those Leads into Buyers.

Kick Their Asses.


110% of your energy should be spent on serving your existing clients. That doesn’t just mean coaching them. That means encouraging them.


When your client feels like a failure, are you there to support them? 


When they’re ready to quit, are you there to talk them off the ledge?


Do you check on your clients’ progress throughout the week? 


Do you congratulate them when they reach a goal, and kick them in the ass when they slack off?


If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then you are failing your clients and you are failing yourself. 


Remember, these current clients are the ones who are paying your bills.

Build Better Relationships.


I am definitely not steering you away from harvesting and nurturing those vital Leads. The growth of your business is dependent upon signing new clients. 


But your main priority should always be to keep your current clients happy while working with them to reach their fitness goals.


This will make your clients want to sign on for more training not only because they’re getting great results, but also because they love you as a person.


And most importantly, you’ve cut through the bullsh*t to transform the lives of your clients. 

All it Takes is 30 People.


If you can develop this kind of great relationship with just 30 people, then you’ll be able to build and maintain a successful Online Fitness Program that will generate $10,000 a month in income.


So, stop looking for outside Leads, and start focusing on the clients you already have. 


Do this and the Leads will start coming to you.

Let’s Wrap this Up.


I’ve given you a lot to think about. Some of you may have to change your approach to building your Online Coaching Business. Others may have to adjust your coaching style to be more hands-on and supportive. 


The main thing is you need to start putting all of your energy into serving your existing customers. I said this before, and I’ll say it again… your current clients are the ones who are paying your bills.


Keep them happy and they’ll keep you in business.

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Remember, whatever you’re going through right now, good or bad, I’ve already been through it. So, take advantage of my experience. Listen to my advice. And implement my suggestions. We’ll find success together!


Have the best day of your entire life!


Let’s go!


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