Success Story

Maverick Willet

Mav went from $2,500 per month selling cars to $25,000 / month with online coaching.

Hey, my name is Maverick Willet and I’m a full time online fitness coach and that was made possible by a guy I’m about to tell you about.


His name is Brian Mark a.k.a. bmarkfit on Instagram.


I met Brian back in April.


At that time I had been online training for about two years.


He was always a side gig.


I never made more than six to eight hundred dollars a month doing it never had more than 4-6 clients at a time.


You know I just had no idea how to capitalize on my following.


And at the time I met Brian I had about thousand dollars in my bank account.


I just left that situation and didn’t have much money. It’s kind of struggling.


So I was terrified to invest in him.


You know all my coaching is something that was really good at.


I’ve got a lot of great results but I had no idea how to take my business to the next level.


And so when Brian asked for the initial investment I was terrified but I got a good vibe from him.


You know he’s a very he’s a good guy.


He’s got a great personality he’s very likeable and he’s got morals.


And as I came to find you just a great person.


So I did it.


I took a dive and he promised me 10k in 10 weeks.


I made that less than a month.


That tells you anything in three to four months since I’ve been working with him since April.


I’ve made more than I made all of last year put together. So he’s the real deal.


That’s all there is to it the guy he delivers.


He stayed on top of it.


He stays on top of trends he stays on top of what’s going to take your business to the next level regardless of the algorithm changes you know regardless of the market being saturated.


He stays ahead of the game and he puts you in a position to succeed and he doesn’t let you fail.


He judges himself based on your success and that is abundantly clear when you’re working with him.


He’s been consistent as they come.


I talk to him almost every day if not every day and the guy has a ton of clients so that says a lot.


He’s a great dude and I’ve loved working with him and you will to yourself if you’re somebody who is has an online business and specifically coaching and you want to know how to take it to the next level the guy can flat out do it.


I mean he took me where I was making six eight hundred dollars a month max to averaging 10k a month and more.


So you know I can only about the guy.


He’s awesome. Helped me turn my life around.


Oh… and I just bought my dream truck.


Because I could have done that without Brian’s help.


So I want to thank him.


I don’t have to do this I just want to do it because he’s helped me turn around my business and completely just upgrade every facet of my life.


So thank you Brian.


You’re someone who has all in business one take to the next level.


He is the one to do that.


There’s a lot of online business coaches out there who aren’t worth their weight in salt.


Brian is somebody who is.


Absolutely 100 percent legitimate.


And I put my name on that. – Mav Willett

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