Success Story

Diana Benitez

Diana went from making $1k a month trying it on her own, to 11k / month in the 10k Academy.

Diana Benitez Makes $11k / Month ????


7 months Diana was only making 2-3k / month.


She had about 18 online clients.


She was not charging what she is worth.


Diana had credit carb debt, she was on a super tight budget, just doing her best to make ends meet.


When Diana reached out to me we chatted about her goals of wanting to make $10,000 per month.


“I really want this to work, I’ll do whatever it takes I just feel like somethings missing. I know I need a mentor.”


She took action and put herself in even more credit card debt just to take the leap of faith and invest in herself.



❤️ Has over 80 online fitness clients

❤️ Makes $11k + per month (and that number is growing)

❤️ Had enough money to purchase her MOM a vehicle. She sent me the video of it, it was so cute I could die.


If Diana can go from making 2k per month to 11k per month in only 7 months, what’s stopping you from doing the same thing?


It’s possible, I believe in you, you can do it ???? #DOMINATE

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