Success Story

Christine Cardenas

Christine went from 2k / month in person training to over 10k / month online training.

My name is Christine and I’m an online health and fitness coach working with Brian in the 10k Academy.


I’m about student number 60 ish, somewhere in there to break 10k / month.


Before the pandemic, I was working in the gym as a in-person trainer, using my skills to pay off somebody else’s dream.


I was really limited in what I could do with my clients, how I could serve them and the income I could make, because there’s only so many hours in a day. 


I’d been following Brian since about September of last year. In 2019… but at that time I was happy just getting my guaranteed a paycheck every two weeks and doing what I did, what I could do, because it wasn’t risky. 


It was a guaranteed paycheque.



I didn’t have to really do a whole lot other than show up for work and coach my clients and count their reps… and that was about it.


And I would make my income.


I watched what Brian was doing while I was following him. Using his free content and getting value off of that for running my online nutrition program.


But when the pandemic hit… I thought “This is it.”


This is the chance.


I’m never going to have this opportunity again.


I might as well dive in right now. 


May 4th was the day that my life changed.


It’s like, I’ve found these new levels in this video game that I never knew existed before. 


I’m able to serve my clients so much better. 


The systems you learn and the strategies and methods of marketing your business, it just feels so good to finally be able to, to earn an income for myself and my family.


And not only that, but as I level up, so do my clients.


And so to my clients is success because I’m able to show up as a strong, confident leader for them.


And they’re able to level up in their results, the success that they’re getting.


I’ve gone from about zero clients online to a community of over 90 ladies, crushing their goals in the bad-ass babe squad. 


It feels amazing to be able to inspire so many ladies daily and I can continue to increase my monthly income goal, and I feel happy and fulfilled that I’m able to do this.


I have methods and a skill set to change the world.


To change people’s lives and to support my family. 


If you are having hesitations on joining the 10 K coaching Academy, you need to just take the risk because if you don’t, you’ll never know you’ll end up never knowing. 


And if I hadn’t taken the chance, when the pandemic struck, then I would probably be either back in the gym, earning my guaranteed, $2,000 a month…


Or I would be maybe still laid off or maybe the gyms are going to close again.


Like we don’t know. 


It’s just amazing to have something that I know that I can do then that this is going to last and it’s sustainable.


And the skills that I’ve learned from Brian and the other coaches are transferrable into a long-term business strategy.


So if you’re having hesitations don’t hesitate anymore #DOMINATE

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