Success Story

Chad Morgan

Chad was hesitant… until he made $13,500 in his first month.

Chad Morgan made 13.5k in his FIRST month with PT Domination.

Chad had already had a business mentor in the past and with the help of another mentor was able to get his fitness business to $6k per month.

In the first month of the coaching program with PT Dom he went from $6,000 to $13.5k.

Since then, Chad has gone on and build Beyond Built – widely recognized as one of the premier high-level online fitness coaching programs for fitness enthusiasts and fitness competitors.

There are a lot of mentors out there that haven’t actually walked the talk, and haven’t built their own highly profitable online fitness business.

We made sure we gave Chad all of the tools and the strategies necessary to get his fitness business to the next level. ???? #DOMINATE

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