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For the first time ever...

We’re bringing together the 10k Academy family.


For an exclusive, exciting, exhilarating, life-changing experience.




For the All Access PT Dom Experience.


When the CLOCK REACHES 00:00, THAT’S YOUR CHANCE to be one of the 50 people to attend the FIRST EVER PT Dom Event #LFG

Extremely Limited

Only 50 seats Available

We have 950 students, and Brian can’t fit 950 people in his house…

So we designed this page to give everyone a fair shot at getting a ticket.

This incredible 3-day event will include:

:fire: Daily knowledge bombs with your favorite coaches
:fire: Workouts, and photo/video shoots @ Brian and Cole’s gym…
:fire: Team building activities
:fire: And finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY for the first time meeting your 10k Academy Family

We’re gonna train hard in the morning…

Learn hard in the afternoon…

And play hard for dinner. #DOMINATE


We only have 50 tickets!
Keep your eyes on this page, check your email, and be ready
for the clock to reach ZERO!


We’ve been around for 3 years but THIS IS THE FIRST PT-Dom event! Brian and Cole are opening the doors to their gym, and Brian is opening the doors on his and Kirsten’s home! It’s time to train hard, learn hard, and play hard. This event WILL change your life forever, for the better. You will meet friends you will keep for the rest of your life. You’ll create memories you’ll never forget. And you’ll learn more than enough to break through to the next level.

Break Through Your Sh*t!

Now is your chance to ask Brian, Cole, and the other coaches questions live and in person. Get their advice for building your business into a $10,000 month business. AND! If you’re already at 10k, then it’s time to ask how to DOUBLE it. This is the push you need to break through to the NEXT LEVEL #LFG

This is Extremely Limited

We ONLY have 50 seats and we have 950 students. Tickets will be available first come first serve, no special exceptions. So make sure you are here the second the timer hits zero!

Keep your eyes on the clock!

All Access PTDOM will be an EXPERIENCE that will shift the trajectory of your life forever!

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Phil Heath In Person


Group Workout


Main Event Location:

West Kelowna, Canada

Register Now: 2 Day Virtual Summit for Online Trainers