A 2 day immersive experience designed to facilitate massive breakthroughs in your online coaching business.

This event will sell out, we fucking guarantee it.


We’ve personally invested over $300,000 in mentors to teach us how to become better business owners, leaders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

We’ve personally helped 14 students break $100,000 inside of their online coaching business.


Our PT Domination Events started off as an intimate experience where you’d get to be in room with me and Cole and 40 other people, but the business grew.


Our last In Person Event had over 150 attendees.


We craved the intimacy.


So we launched our VIP 1-1 Coaching Program.


The VIP 1-1 Coaching Program has been a massive success. It’s $50,000 for 6 months of coaching and here are some of the top performers:

Program success

The VIP 1-1 Coaching Program has been a massive success. It’s $50,000 for 6 months of coaching and here are some of the top performers:

Nicole Trautman

Hit $100,000 per month in her business and we helped her launch and sell out her first retreat.

Trent Harrision

Hit $100,000 per month in his business and we helped him create a $12,000 VIP Coaching offer that he’s enrolled 6 students in, paying for his entire VIP investment with 1 new offer creation.

Meagan Nunez

Went from $25,000 / month inside of the Mastermind to over $75,000 per month, a team of 10 people, and helped Cedric her coach hit 10k+ per month.

Mariah Fontanta

Consistently hitting $50,000+ as a standard in her online coaching business with the most successful Mid Ticket coaching program inside of the program.

But Cole and I needed more.

We realized how big of an impact we could have with the VIP coaching offer, but we also recognize that 50k up front is a big investment.

And some of you aren’t ready to make that leap of faith in yourself yet, but you crave the intimacy.


You crave the environment of other high level successful entrepreneurs.


And frankly, you want a chance to get that 1-1 time with Cole and I, something that just never happens in the program due to the time demands of PT Domination and the responsibilities of running the businesses, while being fathers, pursuing our own dreams in fitness, boxing, social media and more.


the VIP Mansion Mastermind

A 2 day immersive experience where you will get that opportunity to get the 1-1 time with Cole and I that you’ve been missing.


Not only that, but a 2 day immersive experience that’s designed to facilitate massive breakthroughs in your online coaching business.


Make no mistake, this event is for fucking GAMECHANGERS.


This event is for online fitness coaches that don’t just want to play the game, that want to fucking dominate the game.


This event is for online coaches who understand the power of proximity and are willing to pay for a seat at the fucking table.


This event is for high level business owners that are willing to make the investment in themselves so they can see massive fucking growth in their online coaching business.


This event hosts 18 people and 18 people ONLY, we WILL NOT sell more tickets, once they are gone, they’re fucking gone.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

Free passes to Iron Energy gym with a bar tab for the shake bar, making sure you’re well fed while you’re working out at our facility

We will be learning, collaborating, and networking from 8am – 4pm every day. There will be coaching sessions, then there will be work sessions. There will be mastermind sessions, there will be networking, there will be collaborations.

In depth Content Coaching with Cole DaSilva and Brian Mark. We’ll be giving you tutorials on proper scriptwriting, and then we’ll be teaching you how to speak to the camera.

On site videographer that is with you guys from 8am – 8pm. Meaning any content that you want to film at the mansion, you are more than welcome to use the videographer. As much as you want. Not to mention all content you film at the mansion will be edited and and sent back to you by us.

In house catering for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks by Muscle Insider protein chef of the year. All allergen requests will be taken into consideration and we will be making you all of your meals, all included with your ticket. Let’s just say you’ll never go hungry here.

Dinner at the Modest Butcher with Brian and Cole on Thursday night. We’ll take you out for a VIP experience and break bread with you over incredible food and connect with you on a deeper level.

Event Details

The Itinerary

The event will run from 8am – 4pm on Thursday December 7th


Then we will break to get ready for dinner, and we’ll all meet at the Modest Butcher at 6:30pm.


And the event will run from 8am – 4pm on Friday December 8th.


After 4pm on Friday December 8th, the event with Brian and Cole will be complete, AND! 


We will be having our Muscle Insider Chef make you an absolutely fucking incredible dinner to be able to network and connect with other members of the VIP experience on a de


What You'll get

VIP 1-1 Coaching with Brian and Cole is $50,000 USD for 6 months...

You’ll get all the experience of vip coaching plus everything we mentioned here for a fraction of the cost.


We only have 18 tickets, and 18 beds.


The first person to buy a ticket, gets the first pick of their room.


The second person to buy a ticket, gets the second pick, and so on.


After 24 hours, we will be releasing these tickets to the 10k Mastermind.


This event will sell out, we fucking guarantee it.

So this is your chance to get a seat at the table. 

Don’t fucking miss it, or you will regret it with every ounce of your soul.

We’ve already provided you with incredible amounts of value inside of our coaching program and you better fucking believe that this event will be that, and then some.

Our intention is to change your fucking life, so if you’re ready for that, get a ticket now.