Here are the results you can expect from the CHANGE LIVES Academy!

Meet A Few Of Our Successful Online Trainers:

“I am making more online now than I was in my in-person personal training job. These people have changed my life!” 

-Shelby Kannon

“I hit my first $10K month in January and then hit it 5 months in a row!” 

Matthew Vanlauwe

“I am at $14K/month! Ever since joining a year ago… my growth has increased month over month!”

Nicholas Wilde

“I went from doing $2000/month before the 10K Academy to now doing over $10K/month! I’m at $15K/month”

-Big T

“Before the academy I was doing $1-2K/month… Now I am doing $12-15K/month!”

Josh Pfeifer

“I was at consistent $2-3K/month… Within just one month of the Academy I went from $3K/month to $7K/month! Within 6 months we hit $10K/month. NOW we are doing $30K/month consistently! “

-Karissa Scott 

“I now make around $7,000/month… I don’t think I could have done this without the Academy.” 

Mackenzie Grace

“The Academy literally changed my life!” 

-Jashuha Ayers

“I’ve been an in-person personal trainer for 10 years… Now since joining the Academy I hit my first $10K month in October and have hit $10-12K months since.”

Shal Friesen

“The Academy has been a complete game-changer. It has completely changed my life.”  

-Rahul Sondhi 

 “I’m finally making money AND helping people. My mindset has blown up and I finally learned what it takes to grow.”

-Cedryck Sallenbach

“I am consistently hitting $15-20k/month. Brian has changed my life!” 

-Tyler Maki


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