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Instead of ME talking about the program let’s hear from some of my clients…

“I am making more online now than I was in my in-person personal training job. These people have changed my life!” 

-Shelby Kannon


Shelby Kannon joined the Change Lives Academy as a burnt out personal trainer with zero online experience.


Now she’s making $3,000=$5,000 / month and is travelling the world as an online fitness coach (she lives in Mexico now…)


She quit her job and is living her dream as a full time online coach.

“I hit my first $10K month in January and then hit it 5 months in a row!” 

Matthew Vanlauwe


Matthew Valauwe was over-worked, and under paid, as an in person trainer.


He was making $2500/ month working 50+ hours per week.

Matt knew that he needed to make a change but had 200 social media followers.


With the help of the Change Lives Academy Matt was able to grow his online coaching business to $10,000 every month.

“I am at $14K/month! Ever since joining a year ago… my growth has increased month over month!”

Nicholas Wilde


Nick is a natural bodybuilder who understands exercise science and nutrition.

What he didn’t understand is how to use social media to land clients.


Now, at 22 years old, Nick is making $150,000+ a year as an online trainer.


More money, more time. More freedom.

“I went from doing $2000/month before the 10K Academy to now doing over $10K/month! I’m at $15K/month”

Terrance Pennington


Terrance Pennigton is an ex-NFL player and after his football career came to an abrupt end, he realized that he needed to find a way to make money.


Well – he found online training.


And as a result is making over $100,000 a year, by changing people’s lives on the internet.

“Before the academy I was doing $1-2K/month… Now I am doing $12-15K/month!”

Josh Pfeifer

Josh Pfiefer launched his own supplement company only to fold it and be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Feeling like he had no way out, he turned to online training. After trying and failing a few times he knew he needed to do something differently…


So he hired PT Domination. And now he makes $12,000 – $15,000 / month.

“I was at consistent $2-3K/month… Within just one month of the Academy I went from $3K/month to $7K/month! Within 6 months we hit $10K/month. NOW we are doing $30K/month consistently! “

-Karissa Scott 


Karissa Scott is a single mom raising her kids on her own.

And when she joined the program she was sleeping on her friends couch.


Now she has more then enough money to take care of her entire family, and she did it all with a small social media following.


Imagine being able to make $30,000 / month from the comfort of your own home. She doesn’t sleep on the couch anymore.

“I now make around $7,000/month… I don’t think I could have done this without the Academy.” 

Mackenzie Grace


When Mackenzie Grace first started the Academy she was a struggling in person trainer.

She KNEW she was meant for more though – so she showed up every single day and asked questions and got feedback…


And was able to build her business to $7,000 / month.

“The Academy literally changed my life!” 

-Jashuha Ayers


Jashua Ayers never thought the online community was possible – at the level that we play at.


Being surrounded by everyone in the academy, people who he had never met before, who supported his goals the way that we do…


Completely changed his life forever.

“I’ve been an in-person personal trainer for 10 years… Now since joining the Academy I hit my first $10K month in October and have hit $10-12K months since.”

Shal Friesen


Shal was the type of person who NEVER posted on social media.


And since she joined the academy she went from never posting, to being a rockstar on livestreams, to building an active and loyal following.


Shal makes consistent $10,000 per month.

“I am consistently hitting $15-20k/month. Brian has changed my life!” 

-Tyler Maki


Tyler came into the program and had to sell his son’s x-box to afford the $500 payment.

And as a result of doing that, he went ALL IN, and has worked his way up to $15,000 / month.


Tyler is the definition of pure willpower and resilience.


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