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This is a HIGH LEVEL 12 month mastermind program.  


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You will be guided by our PT Dom Coaches who are making $20K+ per month so you can get direct feedback to help you transform into a 6-figure earner. 


Our coaches can guarantee you’ll become a social media master, grow your client roster, and book 5-10 sales calls each week. 


Here’s What We’ve Got Waiting For You Inside the 10K Mastermind:

Receive clarity on any obstacles holding you back during monthly hot seat sessions with Brian and Cole.

Increase your engagement, put the gas on your lead flow and start closing more clients with instant access to our proven content strategy inside the Content That Converts course (with over 10+ hours of video training). 

Transform into a 6-figure powerhouse through monthly training centered around setting weekly goals, becoming a master of your time, pricing your program for maximum profits and more!

Learn how to master the DM appointment setting game so you can start booking 5-10 calls per week and dramatically increase your client roster. 

Increase your retention rates through weekly fulfillment trainings designed to help you set up your private Facebook group, run weekly challenges, optimize your check-in process and create a top tier experience

Janelle Wheale

Meet Your Head Coach & $300K Per Month Earner….

In the past, we’ve only given the Million Dollar Mastermind students access to Janelle Wheale… until NOW!

Once you’re accepted into the 10K Mastermind, you’ll be learning from a multi-millionaire who is making $300K in her coaching business each month. 

She will be there to give you relentless accountability and feedback each week. 

This is your chance to get mentored by a 7-figure earner and have high level accountability. 

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Are you making $5K per month and can’t grow no matter what you do? 

Do you want to start booking 5-10 sales calls per week so you can take your roster past 20-30 clients? 

Are you ready to transform into a DOMINATING 6-figure business owner who is a social media MASTER? 

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Frequently asked questions

The 10K Mastermind is a 12 month mentorship program with your PT Dom coaches.

If you end up hitting $10-20k / month consistently and you want to apply for the Million Dollar Mastermind, you can do that

We’re not going to beat around the bush. If you’re serious about reaching 6-figure months as an online fitness coach, it’s going to require a new set of skills. What got you to $5K months isn’t going to get you to $10K months. This mastermind helps you bridge the gap in your skills to reach the 6-figures. 

Each week, you’ll be getting DIRECT access to specific trainings centered around the DMs, sales, mindset and delivery. You’ll also have access to a Q&A session every Friday with your PT Dom coaches. 

The 10K Mastermind offers three things that the Academy doesn’t.



First is HIGH LEVEL of accountability.



You will have direct access to Janelle Wheale. This is something that we’ve only given students inside the Million Dollar Mastermind…



Now you have the chance to get feedback from a multi-millionaire just like our Million Dollar Mastermind Students.



You’ll also be inside a HIGH LEVEL ENVIRONMENT with other coaches who are earning 5-10K+ per month inside their coaching business.






You’ll be getting access to the Content That Converts course that is typically sold for $10,000 USD.



This is NOT something that is offered outside of the 10K Mastermind.

Once you’re consistently making $10K, $15K, $20K per month, we’re going to start building out systems to help you scale inside the Million Dollar Mastermind. You’ll learn how to build out a team of coaches under you, close directly in the DMs, hire a virtual assistant and build systems to free up your time so you can step into the CEO you were born to become. 



It’s simple… if we don’t deliver the results we promised, we don’t deserve your money.


If you’re inside the 10K Mastermind for 12 months, show up to at least 1 call per week, complete every video in the course and STILL haven’t hit your record breaking month…


We’ll send you every cent back in the full amount, no questions asked.

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